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Erik Bard

As the Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist on Skinwalker Ranch, Erik Bard has not only installed a cutting-edge surveillance system that constantly monitors the entire property, but also heads all investigations.

Since 2016, Erik Bard has served as the principal investigator at Skinwalker Ranch in service to the privately-funded, globally televised study of the Ranch property and of its mysterious phenomenology. His pragmatic experience in that realm has brought him into frequent contact with unusual effects, including those on human perception and cognition and with topics classified as parapsychological, including nonlocal human perception, remote viewing, precognition, etc. Having worked alongside entrepreneur Brandon Fugal on various scientific endeavors, starting even before investigations at the Ranch, Erik brings a vast wealth of knowledge and an intense curiosity to the study of the unexplained phenomena they investigate today. Erik’s deep interest in consciousness and it’s related phenomena led to personal discussions on these topics with Paul H. Smith, which in turn sparked the idea for the three-way conversation on extraterrestrial consciousness that is a feature of this Summit.

By training, Erik is a plasma and X-ray physicist with thirty years of experience in consumer product and scientific instruments development, holding several patents in those arenas. Besides his work with Skinwalker Ranch, he is a founder and co-owner of a company that supplies custom-designed radiation transmissive and filtering components to U.S. national labs and other institutions.