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Online Remote Viewing Introductory Tutorial

Paul H. Smith, PhD

Online Remote Viewing Introductory Tutorial

(free to those who are officially registered for the Cedar Mountain Summit)

Though we have plenty of people who are already remote-viewing proficient registered for the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit, several have approached us who only have a slight knowledge of remote viewing and yet are eager to attend. We have decided it is possible to accommodate these people as well by offering them an introductory “crash course” before the Summit begins.

We have arranged a special, live-streaming online “Introduction to Remote Viewing” tutorial presented by Paul H. Smith sometime during the last full week before the Summit starts (17–22 October). This will likely be Saturday, 22 October, but the exact date will be announced in the next few days. All who have registered before the tutorial will receive an email notifying them of the date and time (those who can’t attend the live stream will receive a link to review the recording). Even attendees who are well-acquainted with remote viewing are welcome to attend the tutorial, but preference will go to those who need it. The goal of this pre-event is to help those less familiar with remote viewing get the most out of the Summit. To contribute to a richer experience, there will also be short reading and video assignments provided in advance of the tutorial.

Order your ticket now, and become one of only 50 people allowed to attend the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit.