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Psychometry Experiential—a Workshop

Paul H. Smith, PhD

Psychometry Experiential—a Workshop

Can an inanimate object possess and pass on to us the memory of its previous owner? Can it connect our conscious awareness to a past, long-since forgotten event? Or can it link us to a place or location of significance where the object once reposed, yet of which we otherwise have no record or memory?

We will work to find out the answers to those questions at the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit in our experiential workshop on psychometry. You will learn that you can experience and discover information about past persons, places or events through the intermediary of a “token-object” that you link to through touch. Once you have become familiar with the simple procedure, you will get to try your hand at psychometry using a variety of objects that have significant or noteworthy past associations. You may also bring one or two of your own psychometry objects (make sure you yourself know the history, pedigree, provenance or significance of each object you bring) to try out as time allows on your fellow attendees!

Order your ticket now, and become one of only 50 people allowed to attend the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit.