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My Year of Living Dangerously

Jessica Utts, PhD

My Year of Living Dangerously

In 1987, Professor Jessica Utts chose to spend a year living dangerously—though not in the way you might imagine. A widely respected statistical scientist, Jessica took a leave of absence from her professorship at the University of California at Davis to spend a year as a visiting scientist at SRI-International. Now, for a professor, spending time at a prestigious research institution such as SRI is normally a highly-esteemed opportunity. What she couldn’t tell the university in full detail was what she intended to do there.

After being granted a secret-level security clearance, Jessica lent her scientific and statistical expertise to help out the research in SRI’s remote viewing program. Risking not only her scientific reputation, but the very future of her academic standing and career, she helped create and carry out experiments, and evaluate research results that still today contribute to scientific understanding of the remote viewing phenomenon. Here at the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit, Dr. Jessica Utts offers you details and anecdotes you have not heard before about her SRI remote viewing adventure and how she later used those experiences to influence and educate her students, promote the credibility of ESP research with skeptical colleagues, and advance the field of scientific parapsychology and its role in applied consciousness.

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