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Hyperspace and Remote Viewing

Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD


We don’t know the mechanism as to how remote viewing works. We don’t mean “mechanism” in the sense of a gadget, a technical device, or even a natural law of physics, so don’t let that sentence confuse you. We mean “mechanism” in a much vaguer way, as in, whatever it is that enables a remote viewer to know or experience things about a target that should according to Science be impossible to know. Hypotheses about what the cause or causes may be have certainly been proposed—ideas ranging everywhere from brain waves to quantum entanglement. Some of these suggestions as to “mechanism” are more plausible than others. One possibility is that the remote viewing process doesn’t go “through” the physical universe at all (in other words, the way brain waves or electromagnetism do), but possibly “around” it instead—via hyperspace or something similar. Few people in the world today are more qualified to offer an informed conjecture on the relationship between hyperspace and consciousness than is Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, holder of the only doctoral degree in parapsychology issued by a major American university. Jeff asks, then tries to answer the question: “What is the relationship between remote viewing (or, indeed, any ESP or psi activity) and hyperspace?” He will, of course, educate us on what hyperspace is or, at least, is thought to be, and then propose relationships between that and remote viewing. And, if we are very lucky, Jeff may even show us some examples of actual psi events that illustrate the possible connections!

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