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It’s often said that five average people can often out-think one smart person. But what if we have a whole room full of smart people doing the thinking? Here’s your chance to find out!

One of the most exciting features at the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit will be our Brainstorm! event. In this session, everyone present—including both attendees AND presenters, gather together and mentally chew on some of the toughest question in the world of remote viewing and consciousness. We start with a core of meaty questions composed before-hand by Paul H. Smith and others with the needed expertise. As we collectively discuss these questions, looking for novel and creative answers, we expect these questions to further evolve, leading to new intuitions, new solutions, new ideas and, yes, still more questions. All our comments, answers, suggestions and insights will be collected and may form the basis of a future publication that we hope will add to an ongoing dialogue for the remote viewing community of the future.

Please join us. And please, have your thinking cap on!

Order your ticket now, and become one of only 50 people allowed to attend the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit.