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Audience Challenge

Audience Challenge

We want the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit to be unique among all the other conference-type events you may have attended. Particularly, we want attendees to feel that they are active contributors to the Summit program (without being put on the spot, of course!). To do that, one of the things we’re planning is to turn the tables on you who are attending! In the typical conference-style event, at the end of each presentation or workshop the audience gets some Q&A time with the speaker. At the Summit you’ll do that too—eventually. But before that happens, you get a few minutes to become part of the program yourselves.

What do we mean?

For each presentation or workshop, we’re going to pick someone as a “respondent.” The respondent’s job it is to listen carefully to the presentation or workshop, find the three or four most important points from that presentation, then compose “challenge questions” for each of these points. (Don’t worry—you won’t be drafted for this duty; respondents will be chosen only from among the other presenters who have the right background for the subject of the presentation.)

Once the presentation is over, and just before you get to pose your own questions, the respondent will turn and ask those in the audience if any of you would like to answer one of the questions the respondent created. This will be your chance to express your own thoughts and feelings about what the presenter had to say.

Don’t panic—this will only be on a volunteer basis. If you don’t want to speak up, no one will call on you. But you, the attendees, will have the chance to become part of the program by voicing your own thoughts or perspectives on the topic. You can, if you choose, become a kind of mini-presenter!

Admittedly, this is an experiment. As far as we know, nothing like this has ever been tried before. But we anticipate that it will add to the richness of the Summit experience for us all.

Order your ticket now, and become one of only 50 people allowed to attend the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit.