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Parowan Gap Field Trip

Sunday Morning

From antiquity, Sunday has been regarded as the first day of the week. We will recognize the special nature of the week’s First Day by convening at the Parowan Gap Native American rock art preservation area on Sunday morning, to breathe in the odor of fresh sage, revel in the breathtaking contrasts of sun and rock and sky, marvel at the densely rich ancient rock carvings where redtail hawks and pergrine falcons perch. We will be transported by the delicate, haunting melodies of authentic Native American flutes and hear of the legacy of this place in the lore and traditions of the local Paiute tribe. Breakfast will be offered amid echoes reverberating off the Gap’s sheer rock cliffs. This is a sacred space of the Ancients, and we will be there to commune as a fitting start to the Summit’s final day of activities.


October 30 @ 08:30
08:30 — 11:00 (2h 30′)

Parowan Gap

Paul H. Smith

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