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Life with Ingo

Sunday banquet address

Ingo Swann is a household name in the remote viewing and consciousness communities. Not only did Ingo come up with the name “remote viewing,” he, along with Dr. Harold E. Puthoff invented the entire discipline. Without Ingo, remote viewing would not exist, nor would the fascinating history and the stories the people it involved lived through. Now, as a suitable coda to the Remote Viewing Summit Weekend, Tom McNear (who for a lengthy period probably spent more time with Ingo than did anyone but his family and closest friends) will tell us what it was like to spend hours and days and weeks with the Father of Remote Viewing. Ingo told writer Jim Schnabel that Tom was his true protégé. They went on trips together, they shared many a meal, and Tom was witness to the multitude of virtues, insights, strengths and…yes, quirks!…of this master of human consciousness. Tom became a close personal friend to Ingo and, as a result, can share with us many intimate insights, observations, and anecdotes of the time he shared with this flawed but transcendent soul.


October 30 @ 18:00
18:00 — 20:00 (2h)

SUU Mountain Lodge

Thomas (Tom) M. McNear

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