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In Two Places at Once—or Half There and Half Here?

Bilocation explained by Ingo Swann’s best-ever student

Bilocation has been discussed in parapsychology and the psychic worlds for more than a century, and in religious tradition for much, much longer. The ultimate manifestation of bilocation may be the out-of-body experience, but in remote viewing for the past few decades there has been a variety of ways people understood—and misunderstood—the concept.

In 1981 Ingo Swann, known by many as the father of remote viewing, introduced a specific usage of bilocation as part of his controlled remote viewing (CRV) training. When CRV was released to the public in 1995, various interpretations of the term emerged among remote viewers.

Ingo Swann taught his students a very specific meaning of the term bilocation. In this never-before-presented-to-the-public experiential event, Tom McNear will discuss what Swann taught his students about the concept. Tom, acknowledged by Ingo himself to have been his “best student ever,” will address the various definitions of bilocation and its historical usages. He will use original, often never-before-seen files from the CIA’s Star Gate archives to demonstrate what Swann taught. He will walk you through an experiential exercise to demonstrate how a better understanding of Swann’s bilocation training can help you improve your remote viewing. Finally, Tom will encourage the RV community to return to Swann’s original use of the word.


October 29 @ 09:30
09:30 — 11:00 (1h 30′)

SUU Mountain Lodge

Thomas (Tom) M. McNear

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