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Alien Consciousness

Be a fly on the wall in this momentous three-way conversation between Leo Ruickbie (the director of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies), Erik Bard (science advisor to Brandon Fugal, owner of Skinwalker Ranch), and Paul H. Smith (former Star Gate remote viewer—and your host for the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit) as they engage in an historic, far-ranging discussion concerning what we can speculate and learn about the nature and potential threat to humans of conscious aliens. Insights about consciousness, remote viewing and other psi modalities will be cross-referenced with accounts of odd, consciousness-related examples from among the phenomena that occur at Skinwalker Ranch. Your questions will be welcomed at the discussion’s conclusion.


October 28 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:30 (1h 30′)

SUU Mountain Lodge

Erik Bard, Leo Ruickbie, Paul H. Smith

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