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27–30 October 2022, Cedar City

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Enhance. Expand. Explore. Engage.
Connect. Confirm. Bond. Breakout.

Do all this when you join us for the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit. We envision the 2022 Cedar Mountain Summit as the first in a series of future retreats focusing on the consciousness-based skill known as remote viewing.

Gather with us in a rustic mountain lodge in the shadow of Utah’s deeply mystical red rock hoodoo country. Our limited-attendance event will bring you together with an intimate group of other remote viewing devotees. We will learn, discuss, brainstorm and network, all on the subject of remote viewing and consciousness.

Well-known remote viewing and consciousness experts will serve as your guides. But you, too, will be part of the program. Expect not just to listen and learn, but to be part of the discussion, interact in the process, engage as experiences unfold, and participate in exercises to enhance the reach of your remote viewing understanding and skills.

Because there is a ceiling on how many may attend, and because of the added expense for the beautiful venue and our desire to bring in and appropriately compensate top remote viewing and consciousness experts, this conference is not for everyone. So be aware, this is a premium-level event, and the price point reflects that.

This is also not an event to learn remote viewing, but to enhance the skills and understanding you already have. If you are still at the beginner stage, we ask that you be patient and wait for a later Cedar Mountain Summit when your skills have developed and your experiences allow you to gain the fullest value from this remote viewing adventure.

We are in the process of organizing the details for this event. To receive the latest information on the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit as it unfolds, please sign up for our newsletter now.