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27–30 October 2022, Cedar City

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Enhance. Expand. Explore. Engage.
Connect. Confirm. Bond. Breakout.

Do all this when you join us for the exclusive Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit. We envision the 2022 Cedar Mountain Summit as the first in a series of future retreats focusing on the consciousness-based skill known as remote viewing.

Gather with us for an exclusive, new event in a rustic mountain lodge in the shadow of Utah’s deeply mystical red rock hoodoo country. We have purposely limited attendance at this event to 50 people to bring those who attend together into an intimate group setting with our stellar slate of presenters and experts. We will learn, discuss, brainstorm and network, all on the subject of remote viewing and consciousness.

Well-known remote viewing and consciousness experts will serve as your guides. But you, too, will be part of the program. Expect not just to listen and learn, but to be part of the discussion, interact in the process, engage as experiences unfold, and participate in exercises to enhance the reach of your remote viewing understanding and skills.

As a refreshing change from the usual hectic, crowded and socially competitive atmosphere of many typical conferences, at the Cedar Mountain Summit you will instead enjoy relaxed, intimate, person-to-person opportunities to connect with widely-known experts in consciousness and remote viewing fields such as:

  • Lieut. Col. Tom McNear, the first person ever to be fully trained by Ingo Swann in controlled remote viewing.
  • New Thinking Allowed’s creator Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, the only person ever to receive a PhD in parapsychology and consciousness studies from a major American university.
  • Scientist and parapsychologist Dr. Jessica Utts, the lone voice to stand up to the skeptics, speaking in favor of the reality of remote viewing in the infamous CIA study that justified cancelling the Star Gate Program.
  • Prominent parapsychology scientist Dr. Leo Ruickbie, director of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies.
  • Erik Bard, science advisor to Brandon Fugal, owner of Skinwalker Ranch.
  • Dr. Paul H. Smith, two-time president of the International Remote Viewing Association and the longest serving controlled remote viewing instructor.

And this is to mention just some of the “consciousness celebrities” who will be announced in the coming days to enlighten and engage you.

Be aware, that this Summit may not be for everyone. Because there is a ceiling on how many may attend, and because of the added expense for the beautiful venue and our desire to bring in and appropriately compensate top remote viewing and consciousness experts, this is a premium-level event, and the price point reflects that.

Though this is not an event to learn remote viewing, but to enhance the understandings and some of the skills you already have, we have changed our policy that originally required a basic knowledge of remote viewing.  Since we have received a great deal of interest from many who are not yet fully acquainted with the remote viewing field, we have arranged a special online live tutorial from Paul H. Smith that any registered Summit guest may attend at no extra cost to help you be prepared to realize the most from your Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing experience. If you wish to register but feel you need this additional preparation, contact Paul at phsmith@rviewer.com or call toll free (866) 229-7847

We are in the process of organizing the details for this event. To receive the latest information on the Cedar Mountain Remote Viewing Summit as it unfolds, please sign up for our newsletter now.